Our Mission

G. Kofi House of Fashion

G. Kofi Design & Associates is a versatile company specializing in the creation of original artwork and designs for textile surfaces. We import and wholesale hand-crafted traditional African fabrics for apparel, home furnishings, and various utilitarian needs. Our website is a trusted source for authentic textiles from the African Continent, employing traditional production processes dating back thousands of years.

In addition to our product offerings, we are dedicated to education and community outreach. Our Educational wing provides workshops for various groups, teaching the art of making Kente and Adinkra cloth to college students, textile enthusiasts, crafters, quilters, and students from elementary to higher levels. As part of our Community Outreach Program, we collaborate with arts promotion agencies to host exhibitions that promote multicultural understanding of traditional African values and artifacts. Join us on a journey of cultural exploration and appreciation through our unique and meaningful creations.

Our Mission

Connecting you with Artisans

G. Kofi House of Fashion is driven by a mission to promote and preserve the rich heritage and traditions of African culture, with a focus on authentic African textiles and handcrafted fashion accessories. This website serves as the definitive marketplace for Traditional Ghanaian Textile designers and artisans to showcase and sell their products globally. By supporting these artists, it is our goal to safeguard the long-standing traditions of cultural craftsmanship, ensuring that the legacy is passed down to future generations. Join us in preserving and celebrating the cultural treasures of Africa.

Our History

Our journey began in May 1995 during an apprenticeship with the Albany Institute of Arts, where Kofi, alongside his gifted mentor, taught public school students about African textiles in an art class.

Registered as a textile design and marketing consulting company in the City of Albany, New York, G. Kofi House of Fashion is a multifaceted enterprise specializing in original artwork and designs for diverse textile surfaces. The company imports and wholesales authentic traditional African fabrics, custom-made to meet your needs. We also conduct workshops and seminars for schools, communities, and cultural organizations, imparting knowledge on the unique art of creating Kente, Adinkra cloth, and other textile production techniques.